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    • I’ve been using POET at Flat Rock since September 2014. It’s proved to be a great way to engage the customers in our tasting room, especially during peak times. In addition, the POET team is very quick to respond when I or my staff have any questions… they clearly understand the importance of customer experience.
    • The biggest advantage of POET over a paper menu is the ease of updating. It's not a giant waste of trees printing off new sheets when I add a new bottle every week.
    • The staff uses the iPads to add to the customer experience; to give us something when we have multiple customers on the floor that we can make sure everybody has got something in front of them, and we have something to reference to.
    1. ed 1
      Ed Madronich
      President, Flat Rock Cellars
    2. Client-Pic
      Dan Hadwen
      Head Bartender, The Restaurant at Redstone
    3. Lynda
      Lynda Little
      Retail Supervisor, Tawse Winery

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